Terms & conditions of business:


Fees from 1st January 2020:

For placing a part time Nanny/ Nursery nurse where the total hours per week worked are 30 or less (we are not VAT registered so the price you see below is the price you will pay);


Working 0 – 10 hours per week                                 £235

Working 11 – 20 hours per week                               £355

Working 21 – 30 hours per week                               £475                          


For placing a full time Nanny/Nursery Nurse where the total hours per week are greater than 30:


                                                      2 x gross weekly salary of Nanny/Nursery Nurse


Sole Agency Discount (Full & Part time placements only, not temporary) – We offer a reduction of the introduction fee providing you do not instruct another agency of 10%. If the invoice is not settled on or before the due date the higher rate will automatically apply


Where a Nanny/Nursery Nurse is required to work varying hours during the course of a year an average will be taken and the fee will be worked out on that basis


For placing a temporary Nanny/Nursery Nurse

A temporary Nanny will be classed as one whose contract is for up to and including 6 months. Anything over 6 months would revert to the permanent fee structure above


                                                      Contract of one week or less                   £40 one off fee                          

                                                      Contract of 1 to 8 weeks                          £40 per week                             

                                                      Contract of 9 to 16 weeks                        £35 per week

                                                      Contract of 16 to 26 weeks                      £600 one off fee

                                                      Ad-Hoc Nanny (Live in or out)                  £235

Baby Sitter                                   Introduction fee (2 babysitters)                 £75


                                                      One off baby sitter                                     £25


Event Childcare                           On site childcare for weddings etc           £30 per child carer


These are all ‘finding’ fees payable in one instalment 7 days from invoice and do not include any wages for the Nanny, Baby Sitter or Nursery Staff.


  • The Nanny Company makes every effort to verify the suitability of all candidates put forward to the client. However, no candidates are actually employed by The Nanny Company and we can therefore accept no liability whatsoever for the actions of any candidate at any point in time or losses, damages, deaths etc caused by such actions.


  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to have in place insurance policies to cover any situations arising from the actions of any candidate. Again, The Nanny Company can accept no responsibility for any results from actions of candidates at any time.


  • Whilst The Nanny Company follow up all references it is ultimately the clients’ responsibility to ensure they are satisfied with the information provided and as such we recommend the client makes their own enquiries to ensure suitability. The Nanny Company can not accept any liability for discrepancies in references / qualifications given.


  • All candidates, upon starting employment, are employed by the client who will be responsible for all tax, National Insurance and contract issues. The Nanny Company can recommend a payroll service who will deal with these issues for a fee. Again, The Nanny Company can accept no responsibility for matters arising from these introductions. The Nanny Company strongly recommends having a comprehensive contract of employment drawn up and agreed by both parties before employment commences.


  • Signing The Nanny Company registration form is deemed as your acceptance of our terms and conditions of business and fee structure and agreement to make full payment once a candidate has been verbally offered and accepted the position. If the registration form is submitted by email then this act will be deemed as your acceptance to the terms also.


  • Invoicing will be from the date the candidate accepts the position, verbally or in writing, whichever is sooner.


  • Payment terms are 7 days from invoice, late payment may result in interest being added and possible further action being taken where appropriate.


  • Where an immediate start is required payment is due immediately.


  • All introductions are confidential. Should The Nanny Company put forward a candidate who the client subsequently employs either directly or through another agency without the knowledge of The Nanny Company the client will be liable for the full fee payable to The Nanny Company.


  • As stated above, all introductions are confidential. As such, should a candidate’s details be forwarded to a 3rd party by the client resulting in employment for the candidate the client will be responsible for the full fee.


  • Should a client cancel the agreement between the time of offer and the start date 50% of the fee will be payable to The Nanny Company.


  • At no point does the candidate represent or have the authority to act on behalf of The Nanny Company.


  • Should the client terminate the employment of a candidate within the first 4 weeks due to reasonable unsuitability agreed to by The Nanny Company the following refund policy will apply. Similarly, should the Nanny terminate the employment within this period through no fault of the family the refund policy will also apply. This is subject to the original invoice being settled to terms and that The Nanny Company has not been able to find a suitable replacement within 3 weeks of termination at no extra charge.


Termination week 1                                    - Full refund less £50 admin charge

Termination weeks 2 & 3                           - 50% refund less £50

Termination week 4                                    - 25% refund less £50


  • This refund policy will NOT apply if the employment has terminated due to unreasonable demands by the client on the Nanny


  • This refund policy will NOT apply if the employment has terminated due to the client changing the job description unreasonably from that set out in the offer of employment


  • The Nanny Company can offer no refund policy if employment is terminated after 4 weeks from start date has elapsed.


  • The Nanny Company aims to provide a professional, caring and fair service at all times and expects clients and candidates to reciprocate this.


  • If you need clarification on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us before signing the registration form.


  • Please be aware that The Nanny Company is an employment agency working on your behalf to find you a suitable childcarer