Types of Nanny:

We understand that employing a nanny for the first time can be a daunting process! There are many different types of nanny, with varying levels of experience and different qualifications. When thinking about which type of nanny to employ, think about your lifestyle and your work arrangements, if you are thinking of a live in nanny would they have their own separate accommodation (they must have own bedroom and bathroom). Think about the ages of your children, we recommend that a nanny with no experience should not be left with a tiny newborn baby for instance! Listed below are the most common types of nanny, however, if you feel your requirements are different to these options let us know and we will see what we can do!


Please note the salaries vary from area to area and these are a guide only so please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements In addition all salaries mentioned below are net of tax and NI, we can help you calculate the gross cost of employing your Nanny


Full time Daily Nanny:

A Daily Nanny could be qualified or experienced and more often than not both. They would be expected to undertake all childcare duties ranging from child related housework, taking and collecting from School or Nursery to organising a safe, fun and educational timetable for your children. You decide the hours that your nanny works but the average is a 10-12 hour day. It is a completely flexible type of childcare and you tailor it to fit in with your family perfectly.

You could expect to pay a qualified, experienced Nanny somewhere between £350 and £500 net per week approx.


Before & After School Nanny

A before and after school nanny is just that, a nanny that comes in and looks after the children before and/or after school. Her duties will be similar to those of a daily nanny but more focused on after school activities and clubs, supervising homework and preparing tea.

Some families will make this role nanny/housekeeper and ask the nanny to undertake household duties whilst the children are at school. The type of nanny looking for these kind of hours is often a nanny with a child of her own that she would like to bring to work with her, for more details of this kind of arrangement please see below. The average wage for this type of nanny is £8-10 net per hour approx.


Part Time Nanny

A part time nanny works the hours that you require, be it afternoons, mornings, or a couple of days a week. Her role will be similar to that of a daily nanny but it is worth remembering that she may not be able to fit as much in!! Again, the wage for this is £8-10 net per hour approx.


Live In Nanny

A Live in nanny's role is very much like that of a Daily Nanny and could be the perfect answer if you work long hours or are away from home a lot. They would need their own living quarters or at least separate bedroom and bathroom as a minimum. Before employing this type of nanny it is worth considering that living with a stranger can be very difficult. However, a detailed and to the point contact of employment could help solve any potential problems before they arise. Think about things such as do you want them to be around at weekends? Are they allowed friends/boyfriends to visit/stay over? Do you want them to spend evenings with you as part of the family?

As they are living in your property the cost is slightly cheaper with the average wage being around £300 to £400 net per week approx, this can vary according to location


Maternity Nurse

A maternity nurse will generally be employed for the first 4-6 weeks from the date when a new mother is due back from hospital after having had her baby. She will live-in with the family and should be given her own accommodation. 


A maternity nurse, who will have extensive experience of newborn babies and will have done a separate maternity nurse will give complete care to the new baby and also help the Mother recover after the birth and advice on breastfeeding, sleep routines etc. She will be on call 24/6 but time for her to sleep must be allocated!

Each Maternity Nurse will have their own set of fees


Mothers Help

A Mothers Help would ordinarily be unqualified although would be likely to have some experience. The role of a Mothers Help is to be just that, to assist the parents with the daily duties involved in bringing up children. This position is not usually 'sole charge' and Mum should be around for most of the time. More household duties will be carried out by the Mothers help than by a nanny.

As the role of a Mothers Help can vary enormously it is hard to provide an accurate average wage.


Temporary/Emergency Nanny

A temporary nanny will have the same responsibilities as that of a Daily or Live in nanny but will only be with you for an agreed period of time. This type of nanny is ideal for giving relief care for your regular nanny i.e. when ill although can be utilised for many other situations.

The average wage can vary greatly although is usually around £8-10 net per hour.

An emergency nanny is one who we find you at very short notice! Maybe your normal nanny is poorly or you have to go away at short notice for work. We recommend that at the very least you have a telephone conversation with the person that we find you, to discuss the routines and arrangements and to put your mind at rest! We only place nannies in this type of role who are used to going into situations and adapting to them very quickly.


Shared Nanny/Nanny with own child

This type of nanny can be a great way for your child to gain social skills by mixing with other children. It is also a cheaper option as the childcare cost is shared between the families. However, a detailed contract of employment would be essential to ensure all parties' requirements are met, things like how to organise holidays, where the nanny is to be based and how she is to be paid should be of most importance.

The total cost of a Shared Nanny is likely to be that of a Daily Nanny although this cost would be shared by the families involved at an agreed rate.

Here at The Nanny Company we really believe that a nanny with her own child is a bonus! She can see things from both the nanny and parent side of things and would treat all children as she would her own. She will understand how you feel if your child is not eating/sleeping etc because she may have been there herself and it is a great way for your child to interact with other children of different ages (We would not recommend this type of nanny if you have a large family though!). Things to bear in mind are whether you would need stair gates or cupboard locks if the nanny's child is younger than yours, if you are happy for the child to eat with your children or if you want them to bring their own food and can all the children fit in the nannies car!


We are aware that sometimes what you are looking for may not fit in to any of the job titles above. If this is the case please do not worry, give us a call and we will be happy to chat through your families' individual needs. Alternatively you can email us here

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