Mission Statement

“The Perfect Nanny in the Perfect Role”


Code of Practice

  • Our commitment to our Nannies and Families is equal, we strive to find the best possible match for both and only ever work in the interests of both parties
  • We never put forward a Nanny for a job we have not yet discussed with her or one that will knowingly be unsuitable, this just wastes valuable time for all concerned and is, in our opinion, unprofessional conduct on the part of the agency. Some agencies subscribe to the notion that it is best to just put as many people forward for a position in the hope one will work out. We will never do this.
  • We are clear about our terms of business, our fee structure and our refund policy from the outset
  • We will only ever put forward for work Nannies met personally by ourselves, whose details have been verified and references obtained and confirmed
  • We will disclose all relevant details about our vacancies to potential employees to ensure absolute suitability
  • We will provide both parties with ongoing advice and support ensuring a long and happy relationship between Family and Nanny
  • On successful appointment of a candidate we will provide you with the basis on which to form a solid contract of employment and provide both parties with a letter of job confirmation outlining the relevant details relating to the role
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    Privacy Policy

  • The Nanny Company only asks for data that we feel will be relevant to a future employer / employee
  • The Nanny Company only passes your details to prospective employers / employees for the purposes of introduction
  • The Nanny Company does not disclose certain pieces of personal information to anyone, including address and contact details, until confirmation that a suitable introduction could potentially be made
  • We do NOT pass any of your details to any third party, they remain within The Nanny Company until the point at which they are destroyed

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