The Nanny Company Blog - First post!

Hi Everyone and welcome to The Nanny Company Blog!!! We have at last decided that we should try and be modern!! We plan to write a new blog each week or thereabouts and will write about the very exciting world of The Nanny Company!! If nothing exciting is happening, (which might be quite often!!!) we will write about things childcare related that might have caught our eye in the news, activities and ideas for you to do with your children, things that are happening in our lives and anything else that we think might be interesting- do let us know if you don’t agree!!! We will also be posting some of our jobs up here so keep your eye out for your new perfect position!!

We also thought it might be nice to have some guest bloggers and by that I mean you!!! So, if you have something interesting to say that our nannies and families might be interested to read about please let me or Paula know and we can hopefully post it for you!! I am sure you have many amusing tales to tell about working as nannies!!!

We also want to hear your comments and thoughts, please get in touch but please be kind - we are new to this!!!

So that’s it for this week, we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully keeping you a little entertained!!

Talk soon


Susie and Paula