Interview questions for Nannies

We are currently trying to update our welcome packs that we share with nannies and families when they join us. One of the most important parts of these packs are the sample questions that we give to you to try and help you during the interview process. We know how nervous interviews can be and so we help that by swotting up on these questions you can go in and feel confident and at ease!!

So here are some questions for nannies to ask at interview, feedback we often get from families are that a nanny was lovely but not very chatty and didn't seem to be very interested. If you go in and ask lots of questions (and not just ones about how much holiday you get and how much you will be paid!!!) it will look so much better than if you just sit there quietly!!!

  • Can you give me an overview of their (the children/s) personalities please
  • Do they have any special dietary requirements? What do they like/not like?
  • What household duties would I be expected to perform?
  • In terms of keeping the children occupied and stimulated what types of activities do you like them to do? How often can they have playdates etc
  • What are your views on trips out? Park, bowling etc. Is there a specific financial limit you would impose?
  • Would I be expected to attend any classes the children may be enrolled in? Music School, swimming lessons, Brownies, Cubs etc
  • What are your views on treats? What, for your children, is a treat? How often can they have one, what do they get one for, good behaviour, tidy room etc
  • Do the children have any regular chores / responsibilities?
  • Allergies or other illnesses?
  • What is the family view on discipline?
  • How much TV and IPad time are they allowed>
  • What are your views on social media?


We hope these help!! If you can think of anymore feel free to let us know and we will add them to our list!!!

We also think it's a good idea to take along meal plans and activity plans, so look out for our next blog where we will be talking about these more!!!!!!